A field of stones

  A field, of stones.

Not making

  Music made by not making music Here but not here Walking up, down, through squelches sounds passing sounds leaving blue layers reddening green layers maddening breathing green and blue to brown sandwiches… Continue reading

Two lines

Two interpretations of the same theme, two themes of the same interpretation, two lines, the edges bleed.  


  The Water Margins is a musical and visual work produced by M4SK 22 for the Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield. The subject of the film is the Macclesfield Canal, where I used to… Continue reading

A Forest of Glass

A Forest of Glass was an artist residency in Borgie Forest, Sutherland, during the winter of 2013. Film by David Moss, soundtrack by M4SK 22  (David Moss and Simon Woolham)  

The Records We Never Made

The Records We Never Made are the records we never made. The performances nobody heard, the video nobody watched.  

The Mire

  The Mire is everything in this corner of the island, it’s the biggest blanket bog in the world, it’s a massive sponge that stretches for 1000s of miles where the water flows… Continue reading

still turning

Everything is under control, the wheel is still turning.

North Sea Drones

  There’s more than one wind, thousands passed and more thousands followed from the North sea heading more north a migration of drones the best part of breaking up    

Art School.

Art School by M4SK 22. Music and video by David Moss and Simon Woolham. Produced for the Classwar Karaoke 0024 survey Art School is a film about the new art school building at… Continue reading