beautiful thing

Beautiful thing, 2001

I did this record cover in 2001, the original painting was done in 1998 while I was a 3rd year painting student on the fine art degree at MMU. It was done on paper and this cover art was made from details of the painting that were scanned in at high resolution and magnified. The single “Beautiful Thing” by Haven, released on Radiate records ( a Virgin micro label) was produced by Johnny Marr and mixed at Mayfair studios in Primrose Hill. At the time Robbie Williams was hanging around the studio, when I visited I was told to avoid eye contact with him in case he tried to get into the mixing room where Johnny was working. These are the hazards of rock and roll. When the cover was finished the band decided that the black splodge to the right hand side of the front cover resembled George Harrison, sadly a few days later he died. This was one of many artistic omens I created at that time.

inner sleeve

picture disc


back cover