Til The End, 2001

This was the first record cover I did for a major label release, Haven’s first e.p. Til The End, released on Radiate (Virgin EMI micro label) records in 2001. it was derived from a mixed media drawing on paper about Mancunian rain. I had an input into the design of the whole product. I wanted to make the CD into a gatefold sleeve, and chose a thick textured card for the case. There was a vinyl version which used  heavy vinyl that had to be pressed in Czechoslovakia as there were no places in the UK that pressed heavy vinyl. I see this as one of the original records that reinvigorated the design of records, proving it was possible to make CD packaging that looked and felt good, and by insisting on heavy vinyl for the 45 version we were making a statement about quality of product. It wasn’t that we were ground breaking here but it was an influential move for a major label to invest in packaging that was expensive and retrogressive.