North Sea Drones

  There’s more than one wind, thousands passed and more thousands followed from the North sea heading more north a migration of drones the best part of breaking up     Advertisements

Art School.

Art School by M4SK 22. Music and video by David Moss and Simon Woolham. Produced for the Classwar Karaoke 0024 survey Art School is a film about the new art school building at… Continue reading

The House in Bury

Now I’ll pay him twice his wages, he can have the house in Bury, he can have my car… Cliff Twemlow and David Kent Watson’s GBH is a film that transcends everything we… Continue reading

The Long Walk – Judge Lemmy

Music by m4sk 22 – david moss and simon woolham, soundtrack to the film Judge Lemmy by David Hancock .

paint pain

Chips.   Possession  


The Wanderling Music by David Moss. Lyrics by Simon Woolham. Vocals by Simon and Hannah Woolham. Video by David Moss. Dance by Kanjena Sweetleaf/Aine Released as part of the Classwar Karaoke 0023 survey.


Hybrid machinima video by David Moss and Simon Woolham,  music by M4SK 22, composed and produced by David Moss,  vocals by A.V.A.

Hybrid Machinima

Hybrid Machinima are imaginative technologiocal fusions, mixing film formats to create a new cinematic language.  This is something I have explored with m4sk 22. Down and Out, released as part of the Classwar… Continue reading

Beyond Tradition

I recently made a film for the Beyond Tradition exhibition of glass art at Caithness Horizons in Thurso. The exhibition curated by Michael Bullen showed pieces associated with North Lands Creative Glass, the… Continue reading

The Next Wave

  The Next Wave by M4SK 22 is released as part of the Class War Karaoke 0020 survey, a compilation of the avant garde underground music scene. This survey includes 108 pieces of… Continue reading