Classwar Karaoke

I’ve been collaborating on projects for the classwar karaoke in the last year and have really enjoyed being part of this global movement of underground experimental artists working with sound, words and film.… Continue reading


This was my first commission, the petrol tank painted for my mate Jock’s funky Kawasaki chopper in 1985. At that time the bike scene in Stockport was really interesting to me, lots of… Continue reading


Everything is now, everything is between. This painting is from the collaboration with the Manchester band Haven, it was part of the sleeve artwork for their debut album Between the Senses. The album… Continue reading

the Gorsey Bank Cat

The cat scratched, fever burned, gorse scratched, the banks burst, the bubbles brown, the cat was out, the river stank, the bridge collapsed and we all escaped, the cat led the way back… Continue reading

what’s growing here?

All things gathered from time, the past, present and future, my footprints, residual heat, the story of what happened to the seeds I planted, and the continuous creation of this vapourised cathedral. Painting… Continue reading