Cat dream. A dream I had about a horde of black cats, some tiny kittens, some huge, all black, all swarming towards the field next door to our house. Then they gathered around a circle of fire and in the middle of the circle a cloaked figure with a sigil embossed glowing triangular face emerged from the ground. A sunbathing hippie was lying in the field and was suddenly roused by the cats and the cloaked figure.  I shooed the cats away with some black cat magic finger signs, and then the hippie ran to my side, she looked like Ailsa from Home and Away. The cloaked figure confronted me and we exchanged some thoughts, and then it vanished while the cats who were lurking at the edges of the field also departed, led by one huge fat cat.



Possession. 2013.

a vision of the hinterland where land, sea and sky meet. Painted in the far north of Scotland, 2012.

summer snows, 2012

summer snows, Caithness 2012.

between the senses inner sleeve

gatefold record sleeve inner, 2001

let it live 2001

This was the rear cover for the haven single let it live, it was used as the front cover on the Japan release.